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explosive hitter

16 Week Explosive Hitter Program

The Explosive hitting program is geared toward all hitters, male and female. The Explosive hitting program will focus on explosive movements and workouts based on gaining exit velocity off of the bat. For example, to have the oppourtunity to be a college hitter, Division 1 coaches want to see an exit speed of 90+ mph. This program will allow athletes to gain 5 to 15 mph of improvement in exit velocity, on average. Last year, students gained an average of 9.7 MPH!


The first 45 minutes to an hour of this program is based on strengthening and explosive movements for the athletes. Things like medicine ball tosses for rotational power are a big part of this workout as well as circuit work used to train baseball specific muscles. The last hour or so will be all based on the explosive hitting system that we have implemented the past couple of years. The athletes will receive specific drills and instruction on how to maximize their bat speed and power based on their swing. If you are a hitter interested in becoming more consistent and powerful this is the program for you.


explosive hitter pic.png

This program allows athletes to hit around 12,000 baseballs in 16 weeks while also having a baseball specific workout before they hit.


Players should bring a helmet, batting gloves, and a bat for this program.

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