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Michael Collins

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Collins is the founder of Velocity Baseball and Softball training. Collins grew up in Green Bay, WI. Prior to Velocity, he has had coaching experience at the little league, Babe Ruth, and legion levels. He has had 10+ Division 1 signees in last 5 years and 25+ Juco, D2 and D3 signees.

Collins has grown Velocity from 6 initial students in the basement of his home to over 600 students in a 9,600 sq. ft. facility. He is regarded as one of the top coaches for developing baseball/softball pitchers and hitters.

Collins also has a network that includes a majority of the top Division 1 coaches and training facility owners in the country.


Collins helps manages the day to day operations of Velocity and also does both baseball and softball hitting, pitching, and windmill lessons.

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