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Recruiting services

Recruiting services are available upon request.  This will consist of a sit down meeting with the athlete, and the parents, to determine where help is needed.  This customization will allow the athlete to have an active voice in planning of which schools to target.  Criteria areas that are looked in schools for the athlete are college course work, student life, fit for athletic ability and coaching staff.  Some of the services available are listed below.  Recommendations on camps and showcases will also be provided.

  • Recruitment Videos (YouTube)

  • Sample letters and guidelines to help you get started

  • Training on how to improve interview / phone skills with Coaches

  • Calls to Coaches on your behalf (Where your Talent Level Matches)

  • Twitter Instant Messages of Videos

  • Q & A Sessions to help take the stress out of the recruitment process


We are here for you as a facility to help you in every way we can, to help achieve your goals!

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