Ryan Stefiuk

Velocity’s training has helped me iron out the things that were holding me back from taking my game to the next level. I sat 86-88 last year and after one winter with them I now sit 89-92 touching 93. If you’re willing to put in the work you will get the results. Any player looking to dominate either at the youth or collegiate level won’t regret spending their offseason with Velocity.


Preble High School 2021 | Vanderbilt University Commit LHP 2021

Jack Collins

Velocity Performance Training has done great things for me. Being one of the very first members to be a part of the program, and going through the program since I was a freshman in high school, has made a huge impact on where I am today. Doing the Velocity pitching program increased not only my velocity but my pitch-ability significantly. As a freshman I was only throwing 77-79 and touching 80, by the end of my senior season I was able to sit upper 80’s and touch 90. This program got me where I needed to be to become a college pitcher and at the end of my junior season I received a scholarship to play Division 1 baseball at the University of North Dakota. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to further their baseball careers collegiately and become a dominant pitcher.


|Denmark High School 2015 | University of North Dakota 2015 – LHP D1 | Central Michigan University 2016-2019 – LHP D1 |

Trey Bretl

When I was in 9th grade I was about 5’ 10” 160 lbs. with poor off speed and my fastball topped out at 75 mph. Working with velocity for 6 months I got my fastball up to 84-85 and packed on 15 pounds, but not only did they teach and train me to throw harder they taught me how to properly take care of my arm. On top of all that they taught me the mental part of the game when to throw pitches in certain situations and counts. Also when to relax in pressure situations. Finally it doesn’t matter who you’re working with at Velocity every person there has connections and if you are willing to put the time and effort in to becoming the best baseball player you can be, they will make sure you get your shot at the next level. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out them!


Marinette High School 2019 | UW-Whitewater RHP Commit 2019 

Cole Paplham

In high school, I was a kid who was barley touching 70 as a freshman. After my freshman year, I had a dream that I was going to play college baseball. I went to Velocity for the next 3 years during my high school career and was apart of their APP Pitching Program as well as doing private lessons. I started going more and I started to see a lot more improvements. Velocity helped me fix my mechanics, gain weight and get me to the velocity I needed to be at. My senior year came around and I was sitting 82-86. After the high school season was done I was serious about gaining velocity, and I wanted to hit 90 during my freshman year in college. I was able to work with Velocity that summer as well as during christmas break when i was in college. When spring came around my freshman year, I was able to have a starting role while also sitting 88-90 and touching 91. If there is anyone to help you get you where you want to go and you are willing to put the work and effort in, Velocity is the place to go.


Denmark High School 2018 | Lake Land College RHP Div. 1 JUCO

Austin Dart

No doubt you get what you put in. I came in throwing around 60 mph and over the span of two winters I was able to bump my velocity up to around 80 by the time I was done. Some people thought it was crazy driving 45 minutes from Algoma every Saturday morning for 7 a.m., but to me it was well worth it. The program is more than just throwing, I learned proper mechanics, arm care, and the circuit workouts benefit every player no matter what position. By building up my arm strength I was able to show college coaches that I could play infield or outfield at the next level. I am attending Concordia University Wisconsin as a member on the baseball team, I topped out at 85 mph on our max crow hops this fall. That is only possible because of the work I put in with Velocity Training. I have to thank Mike Collins for allowing me to participate in these workouts.


Algoma High School 2015 | Concordia University – Wisconsin OF/1B Div. III

Derek Van Pay

Velocity’s APP program has brought me to be a better pitcher.  Over the course of 3 years, I had gained about 15 mph on my fastball and developed my secondary pitches as well. Being in the program with other guys my skill level really pushed me to be a better pitcher. With a variety of exercises and a laid back but fast paced routine, it didn’t seem so much like a workout but rather a weekend social with talented players. In the end, once I started, I had seen results so I kept enrolling.


| Denmark High School 2015 | St. Cloud State  Huskies – RHP Div. II

Riley Pelischek

When I started at Velocity I saw college baseball as just a dream.  I was weak, and could barely throw over 70 mph. After 2 years of work, I found myself way stronger and having much more endurance. I went from a JV player to a varsity ace who could throw mid 80s and could pitch 7 innings whenever I went out.  I credit my success to the 2 years of work with Velocity.  With the off-season workouts, I made my dreams a reality.


Denmark High School 2015 | 2015 Bay Conference Player of the Year | University of North Dakota – LHP D1| Madison College JUCO – LHP |

Tanner Umentum

Velocity hitting and pitching helped me out so much! I came there as a freshmen in high school not knowing if I should pitch anymore or try doing some other position. But after the long 16 weeks of working out and learning all the fundamentals about pitching I improved my pitching speed and stamina. I never thought I could say this before I went to velocity pitching and hitting but coming to the program made me a college baseball athlete at Madison College. I wouldn’t have accomplished this goal of mine without the help of velocity. This experience has helped me out so much thanks to Mike Collins! He does not only teach the game better than anyone but he teaches it in way that you will understand.


| Denmark High School 2015 | Chicago State D1 Signee | Madison College JUCO

Bill Miller

Velocity Pitching had a great impact on the success of our pitchers the past few years.  The increase in the velocity of their pitches was evident.  As a result of going through the program, the pitchers came into the season fully ready to pitch.


Denmark HS Baseball Coach   |   2015 Wisconsin Baseball Coaches HOF Inductee



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